The purpose of this website is to display my personal genealogical data, which exists in the form of a gedcom file named skyvington.ged. This website enables you to obtain that data in three different ways:

If you click on the lefthand button, further down this page, you will see a standard website that has been produced automatically and instantaneously from my gedcom file by means of the Macintosh tool called GEDitCOM. One way of using that website consists of looking up my name in the index on the first page and working back from there to some of my ancestors.

Maybe you prefer to obtain my gedcom file and examine it with your favorite genealogy tool. If you click on the middle button, the gedcom file will be downloaded onto your computer in the form of a zipped textfile, which needs to be unzipped before you can use it.

If you click on the righthand button, the gedcom file will be displayed in the form of an ordinary textfile, which you can then save on your own computer, if you wish to do so.

View from my window at Gamone: the village of Châtelus
below the great limestone promontory of the Cournouze,
where Alpine man invented farming and grazing.

Website last updated: 10 April 2009

William Skyvington at Gamone, Choranche, summer 2005.
The dog, too, is named Gamone, because she was born here.

Arms of the early Skeffington family in England,
before it merged with the Massereene branch in Ireland.
The mermaid holds a mirror while combing her hair.
Per angusta ad augusta might be translated as:
Limited resources can lead to great achievements.
I would like to know the origin of the bull's heads,
and why their necks terminate in "thorns"